Garden2Plate kindly invited me up to their Italian workshop, with the possibility of me doing some graphic design work for them.

It’s a really great idea. First you have a cooking workshop, where you’re shown new techniques (in this case, cooking pasta). Then you are taken into the permaculture garden and shown composting and other gardening ideas and techniques. Then you get to go back and eat the food you’ve just learnt how to make!

I got to spend some time discovering the amazing garden (unfortunately my camera didn’t despite the new batteries I purchased just for this). The garden has some amazing banana trees (I can’t imagine my tree ever getting that big – but I hope so!! There were also leftover sunflowers – each head the size of a plate. Unfortunately the birds had gotten to the seeds, otherwise I would have attempted to grow those amazing plants! And speaking of huge – the pumpkins that were on the outside of the garden had gone insane. Seriously, insane.

My favourite comment from the other participents was when Adam (one of the gardeners) pulled up a bunch of multicoloured heirloom carrots and someone asked him if he should put them back in until they turned orange.

Overall I loved the garden, and it’s a really great idea for a business. If you’re curious to check them out, it’s in Killcare on the Central Coast.