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Garden2Plate kindly invited me up to their Italian workshop, with the possibility of me doing some graphic design work for them.

It’s a really great idea. First you have a cooking workshop, where you’re shown new techniques (in this case, cooking pasta). Then you are taken into the permaculture garden and shown composting and other gardening ideas and techniques. Then you get to go back and eat the food you’ve just learnt how to make!

I got to spend some time discovering the amazing garden (unfortunately my camera didn’t despite the new batteries I purchased just for this). The garden has some amazing banana trees (I can’t imagine my tree ever getting that big – but I hope so!! There were also leftover sunflowers – each head the size of a plate. Unfortunately the birds had gotten to the seeds, otherwise I would have attempted to grow those amazing plants! And speaking of huge – the pumpkins that were on the outside of the garden had gone insane. Seriously, insane.

My favourite comment from the other participents was when Adam (one of the gardeners) pulled up a bunch of multicoloured heirloom carrots and someone asked him if he should put them back in until they turned orange.

Overall I loved the garden, and it’s a really great idea for a business. If you’re curious to check them out, it’s in Killcare on the Central Coast.


Whoops – ok, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted, so I thought I’d talk about the three permaculture gardens I’ve visited in the past few months.

The first one was Karonga, a school for students with special needs.  I was there with my local Permie group learning how to make passata.

There were two gardens. One large one on a slight slope, with heaps of different plants growing, and lucerne taking over in between. There was lots of amazing discoveries to be found in the garden, and I could imagine kids wandering around discovering patches of vegetables. (Which is fun, I don’t care how old you are).

Then there is another garden with keyhole beds and chickens (which made me miss mine).

There is a great video of it which made by another PSN permie, Jeremy:

It’s open for national permaculture day if you’d like to check it out. Click here for more details.

I just ordered online at Daley’s Nursery for miracle fruit tree – sounds magical, I know. What’s the miracle you ask?

When you eat the fruit, your tastebuds get altered for the next couple of hours, and everything you eat tastes sweet. Can’t wait to try it out.

They’re (already) sold out again, but you can get an email next time they’re available, and try it out for yourself.

Quite literally.

Dan got this weird ex-pos stand from work and brought it home for me, thinking i could do something with it.

Mum realised that chinese takeaway containers were the perfect size.

So last week i put holes in the bottom of the containers and painted them with chalkboard paint.

And today I filled them. I’ve got tomatos, basil, lettuce, rocket, coriander and dill. I’m thinking it will be quick to grab herbs while cooking dinner, or salad greens for lunch.

Fingers crossed.

ok, so there were a few things we managed to grow this winter.

We planted watercress & re-planted the self seeded nasturtiums around the pond, and have had mustard come up like crazy, which means we actually have salad greens. Quite a few times we can just go into the garden to get the base of a salad. high five!

We’ve also had a couple of snow peas, but unfortunately the bok choy bolted too quickly. I’ve seen a lot in the shops like that too – i’m guessing it just wasn’t the right conditions for them this year.

We also put in two proper veggie beds. Fingers crossed we get some really nice produce from them!

During Dan’s first week off work he built us a pond.

Clever man, did it in about two days.

He dug a hole, in a natural shape, and placed pond liner inside. He then placed rocks around the edge & filled it up with tank water (henceforth the ugly brown colour).

We purchased a solar pump from Hargraves (pricey, yet brilliant, because it’s so easy). The pump works whenever there is full sun.

We bought some aquatic plans from Hargraves & Eden Gardens. All the stuff from Eden was potbound, which was quite disappointing.

Our neighbour’s girlfriend brought us some tadpoles from her pond, which was nice. She also included some native aquatic plants, including one that sits on the surface of the water.

There is already one frog around, which I love, and I hope for more soon.