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Whoops – ok, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted, so I thought I’d talk about the three permaculture gardens I’ve visited in the past few months.

The first one was Karonga, a school for students with special needs.  I was there with my local Permie group learning how to make passata.

There were two gardens. One large one on a slight slope, with heaps of different plants growing, and lucerne taking over in between. There was lots of amazing discoveries to be found in the garden, and I could imagine kids wandering around discovering patches of vegetables. (Which is fun, I don’t care how old you are).

Then there is another garden with keyhole beds and chickens (which made me miss mine).

There is a great video of it which made by another PSN permie, Jeremy:

It’s open for national permaculture day if you’d like to check it out. Click here for more details.


Thinking. I thought about it a while ago, and kept it in the back of my head. But I stumbled upon a blog today, called backwards beekeeping, which reintroduced the idea.

So now I’m searching some sites to find out what exactly is involved, what is needed, and the price.

I know it sounds a little odd, but it is interesting…