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I’ve been doing a little science project. In Australia, there is a quarantine zone, which means you can’t ship banana plants outside it. However you can ship embryos. And that’s exactly what Backyard Bananas did for me. They sent through very detailed instructions on what to do to help them grow into strong plants. And two weeks after planting them out, they’re still going. They’re in my greenhouse and I’ve been using eco c weed and eco aminogro to give them the best organic chance possible.

Let’s hope they keep going.



Our passionfruit vine has gone crazy over the winter – and now it is ready to pop!

There are buds all over that are about to open & we got a preview last tuesday with one bud (which gets the most sun) opening early.

The latest issue of Gardening Australia magazine has an article on pomegranates by the wonderful Maggie Beer. It is one plant I was thinking of putting on my balcony as part of the Mediterranean Garden.

She mentions a dwarf variety called NANA, that is ideal for growing in a pot. I’ll have to keep a look out for this variety.

Pomegranate Flickr Inspiration:

Pomegranate flowers by kretyen.
Pomegranate by kktp_.