Quite literally.

Dan got this weird ex-pos stand from work and brought it home for me, thinking i could do something with it.

Mum realised that chinese takeaway containers were the perfect size.

So last week i put holes in the bottom of the containers and painted them with chalkboard paint.

And today I filled them. I’ve got tomatos, basil, lettuce, rocket, coriander and dill. I’m thinking it will be quick to grab herbs while cooking dinner, or salad greens for lunch.

Fingers crossed.

Probably not what you expected, right?

Here’s what I’m thinking:
During summer we get a lot of unwanted visitors. Possums. Rats. Mice. Turkeys. God knows what else.

And we also have two dogs, who are inside and can’t defend our garden from our unwanted visitors.

Until now.

What I take most out of permaculture is that everything has it’s role. And now our dogs have theirs too.

One of my biggest gardening influences, my grandparents have an awesome garden.

What i think it most interesting about australian gardens is the way we mix the plants with such reckless abandon, one plant from japan, next to one from the uk, all underneath our native gums. It’s quite a metaphor for Australia, don’t you think?

Anyway, my grandparents have a mostly native garden, only a tiny patch of lawn, and quite a small (albeit productive) veggie patch. Gramps is constantly improving, updating, and always keeps it looking good.

ok, so there were a few things we managed to grow this winter.

We planted watercress & re-planted the self seeded nasturtiums around the pond, and have had mustard come up like crazy, which means we actually have salad greens. Quite a few times we can just go into the garden to get the base of a salad. high five!

We’ve also had a couple of snow peas, but unfortunately the bok choy bolted too quickly. I’ve seen a lot in the shops like that too – i’m guessing it just wasn’t the right conditions for them this year.

We also put in two proper veggie beds. Fingers crossed we get some really nice produce from them!

It seems to have been a while since I’ve blogged – however that seems to be following the tradition of not writing in this blog over winter. Nothing ever happens much, right?