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I just ordered online at Daley’s Nursery for miracle fruit tree – sounds magical, I know. What’s the miracle you ask?

When you eat the fruit, your tastebuds get altered for the next couple of hours, and everything you eat tastes sweet. Can’t wait to try it out.

They’re (already) sold out again, but you can get an email next time they’re available, and try it out for yourself.




I’ve been doing a little science project. In Australia, there is a quarantine zone, which means you can’t ship banana plants outside it. However you can ship embryos. And that’s exactly what Backyard Bananas did for me. They sent through very detailed instructions on what to do to help them grow into strong plants. And two weeks after planting them out, they’re still going. They’re in my greenhouse and I’ve been using eco c weed and eco aminogro to give them the best organic chance possible.

Let’s hope they keep going.


We did get a harvest of passionfruit. Not as many as were on the vine, it seems the rodents enjoy passionfruit before it’s ripe, whereas we need to keep it on the vine until they turn purple.

Note to self for next year: bag each individual fruit!

December December. The pumpkin has gone crazy. There were some beans for a while but someone got in and destroyed it. Cucumber is coming through, as is another gourd, possibly a squash, not quite sure. One lone fennel came up too, which is a bit exciting.
Someone got to our nectarines, even though they were netted, must remember to do a better job next year.

Still waiting for passionfruit, right now they’re all green. My cousin says they don’t ripen till the end of summer, not that we really are having much of a summer anyways.

Hydrangeas are beautiful, and i’m getting heaps of blooms of them for me, and my mum and my grandmother. The roses are also blooming quite steadily, which is good.

Our passionfruit vine has gone crazy over the winter – and now it is ready to pop!

There are buds all over that are about to open & we got a preview last tuesday with one bud (which gets the most sun) opening early.

We have quite a lot of citrus trees – all in their infancy of course, but we currently have:

  • lemon
  • lime
  • mandarin
  • blood orange
  • cumquat (i think)
  • kaffir lime
  • native lime

The cumquat we discovered when we moved in. It was overgrown with jasmine was inside a rotting wine barrel. We have now planted it, and it current is amass with the sweetest smelling flowers. It is most likely either  a cumquat or a mandarin, but we havn’t seen it bear big enough fruit to be able to tell. Hopefully this year we can work it out.

The Kaffir Lime has been with us for a while. It suffered badly from scale when it was living in our apartment balcony, however since it is thriving in our backyard.

Today, however, I did discover some more scale on it & the leaf miner had also done some damage on many of the plants. So the citrus got some pruning today. All affected leaves were cut off & put into the bin.

I also sprayed them using a mix of water, oil & dishwashing liquid (although that should have been pure soap, as recommended by Josh Byrne). We then watered them with some earthworm tea & mulched the bases, removing any weeds as well.

Hopefully this means we have some healthy & happy citrus coming into summer.