Ask most baby boomers or gen xers about chokos, and they’ll scrunch up their face, questioning why you would ever grow such vile fruit.

Most gen y’ers would only think of them as that thing maccas used to put in their apple pies before they actually put apples.

But Linda Woodrow in “A Permaculture Home Gardener” assures me that the young fruit are actually a completely different vegetable. And for the dollar or two it took to buy one from the supermarket and wait for it to sprout, I’m willing to take that chance.

It’s the most super simple thing ever.

1. buy a choko. I got mine from the local woolies.

2. leave it to shoot. seriously, it will.

3. plant it.

rocket science, right?

So far it’s gone from this:

to this:

Woodrow says that it needs a hard pruning in late autumn, then hopefully it should come back strong in the summer! And I guess we’ll really find out what chokos actually taste like!