“You can tell who the Graphic Designer is”

This is what my neighbour yelled out to me as I was placing stencils on my green bins, branding them as my own. But its a very simple process with a really impactful result.

Bin numbers

You’ll need:

  • Printer
  • Clear contact
  • Scalpel & cutting mat
  • Tape
  • Spray paint
  • Some old newspaper for masking
  1. Choose a font you want to put on your bin. I used Eames.
  2. Make it as big as you want & print as many copies as you intend to do (I made mine A3)
  3. Find a surface you can cut on (I have a cutting mat, however you could also use a couple of layers of cardboard).
  4. Stick your number down first. Then place your contact over the top (leaving a large area around the edge of the number if possible) and affix with tape. Since it’s clear you’ll be able to see the number underneath. Carefully cut out the number using the scalpel, trying not to cut yourself.
  5. Repeat for as many numbers as you need.
  6. Make sure your bin is as clean as possible. Remove the backing from the contact and stick on your bin.
  7. Pull up the outer edges of the contact and pop in a sheet of newspaper, because spray paint can go far!
  8. Spray away!
  9. Pull off your stencil when paint is still tacky. Otherwise your number might come off with your stencil.
  10. Enjoy knowing which bin is yours on bin night!