Today a huntsman jumped out at me while I was trying to microwave suki’s dinner. not fun.

Seems to be a bit of a trend right now.

A few weeks ago, i closed the front door as I cam home, & noticed some dots on my ceiling. Then i noticed the dots were all over my ceiling. then i noticed they weren’t dots. they were baby spiders.
Hundreds of baby spiders.

We found the nest and the offending female huntsman, while removing all the babies with a feather duster and broom.

Now i think about it and shudder. At the time, all I could do was just focus on getting them out. We didn’t use any pesticides, which I was quite proud of, until, of course, my encounter this morning.

Predator Spider; otherwise known as a St Andrews Cross

This one was much better & stayed outside. It’s a St Andrews Cross, but every time I saw it I thought of Predator.

Mostly I try to stay away & admire from a distance (and a zoom & a good crop), they do give me a shudder up my spine though.