planted one plant. once. it died down.

Last summer it comes back up. And spreads. And spreads.

A month ago we dug it up. Not much there to actually eat. we made horseradish cream by (surprisingly) mixing it with créme fraiche and eating it with some rare roast beef.

Now it’s come back (which is strange, since I thought we had dug up all the roots. The small pieces that i replanted in other parts of the garden didn’t seem to make it though. strange strange strange.

The plant itself smells so yummy and fresh. I think it looks like an alien in some parts. (ok, i might be strange strange strange too).

At least it’s an easy plant that we don’t have to do a thing to for it to survive. If you want to grow some, we bought ours from a garden centre, and it’s grown quite well with little to no love whatsoever.