We have quite a lot of citrus trees – all in their infancy of course, but we currently have:

  • lemon
  • lime
  • mandarin
  • blood orange
  • cumquat (i think)
  • kaffir lime
  • native lime

The cumquat we discovered when we moved in. It was overgrown with jasmine was inside a rotting wine barrel. We have now planted it, and it current is amass with the sweetest smelling flowers. It is most likely either  a cumquat or a mandarin, but we havn’t seen it bear big enough fruit to be able to tell. Hopefully this year we can work it out.

The Kaffir Lime has been with us for a while. It suffered badly from scale when it was living in our apartment balcony, however since it is thriving in our backyard.

Today, however, I did discover some more scale on it & the leaf miner had also done some damage on many of the plants. So the citrus got some pruning today. All affected leaves were cut off & put into the bin.

I also sprayed them using a mix of water, oil & dishwashing liquid (although that should have been pure soap, as recommended by Josh Byrne). We then watered them with some earthworm tea & mulched the bases, removing any weeds as well.

Hopefully this means we have some healthy & happy citrus coming into summer.