Coming home after a very hot and exhausting day at work, celebrating Melboune Cup, I came home to find something strange lurking in my backyard… a scrub turkey!

Scrub Turkey

Running along the fence

The chickens were going wild, and suki was desperately trying to chase after the strange intruder. It was quite large, (apparently 70cm), but amazingly flew into the trees with ease, which is obviously how it got up to our house.

Suki watching on

Suki watching on

As it was getting dark, we quickly ushered the chickens into the coop before they had heart attacks, and took Suki inside, and hoped it would go to its nesting place to sleep.

Obviously not, because it was back this morning. While usually the chickens squark away while waiting for me to open them, they are oddly quiet, due to the turkey stalking around them.

Apparently I’m not alone, this SMH ARTICLE citing that they are becoming so widespread they will be in the middle of the city in two years!

I don’t know what I’m going to do about it!

Birds in the Backyard
DECC Brush Turkey