Solutions to my previous post.

  1. Find my garden bible,  “The Permaculture Home Garden” by Linda Woodrow, hidden somewhere inside my house.
  2. Build a chicken dome. Or box. Something moveable, but not uprootable.
  3. Throw fast growing chicken fodder seeds (Asian greens, amaranth, lettuce, pigeon pea, fat hen) in one of the fenced off beds, so when the chickens find themselves in a much more enclosed space they will have food to graze on.
  4. Plan guilds, mark out circles.
  5. Get a heap of compost/manure/mulch to help improve soil. Put chickens in dome, cross fingers.
  6. Find way to keep possums off newly exposed veggies.
  7. Deal with pile of sticks.
  8. Clean chicken poo off balcony for final time
  9. Be patient with my seedlings, wait until they get a decent height before transplanting.
  10. Sew grass seed to encourage lawn to regerate
  11. Make peace with the Jasmine, at least until everything else is working properly.

Easy, right? Then of course there are other general garden to do’s…

  • Paint back fence
  • Nail wood on to fence to create small planters to grow shallow plants (like strawberries)
  • Clean out shed. Paint, remove jasmine crawling through.
  • Make front stairs less slippery
  • Build Japanese garden out in clothes-line area, as always planned.
  • Beautify front deck with French cafe or Mediterranean theme
  • Clear overgrowing plants from front garden
  • Remove non-native weeds and grasses from native front garden, and replace with more natives
  • Germinate / learn to grow from cuttings more natives
  • Remove litter from gutters and leaf litter from ground before fire season
  • Eventually there is an area around the side I’d like to make into a little field, with poppys springing up, and sweet smelling informal english garden plants along the edge. Suki loves sitting in this area and discovering the grass, I’d have to add a little sweet seat, too.

I somehow have the feeling this will be quite an ongoing list….