I saw this on Stewar’s My Veggie Garden, who found this on the Warm Earth Snips and Tips Newsletter (which I also get, but hadn’t read it yet)…

Are you a gardening addict?

Find out by answering the following questions:

Have you gone to a nursery for one plant and come back with several?
Do you ask for manure or compost for your birthday?
Have you bought a new plant knowing there’s no room in any of your beds?
Do you worry about your garden when on holiday?
Have you taken cuttings from public gardens or parks?
Is gardening more important to you than cleaning the house?
If you see a weed in a friend’s garden, do you have an urge to pull it?
Do you have difficulty keeping your fingernails clean?
Do the staff at your local garden centre know you by name?
Have you gardened through meals or until it was too dark to see?
Have you ever got out of bed to check on plants?

If you answered yes to four or more of these questions, you’re a gardenaholic. Unfortunately there’s no known treatment for the condition and it will probably last a lifetime, but don’t despair. The good news is that this is one addiction which is actually beneficial to your health.