I’ve only got two blueberries on my plant. I think I should do some research so that I can improve its conditions.

Acidic Soil: check. I used Azalea potting mix in the pot.

Sunny location: No. They aren’t in the sun. I don’t like putting things in the full sun, because I believe the Sydney sun is very strong, however luckily since my blueberries are in a pot, I can move it further into the sun, as it is rather shaded at the moment.

Predators: Dan says there were more, but something has been eating it. Therefore I should also net it, to stop any more stealing.

Watering: If anything, I don’t think I water it enough, so I’ll have to pay more attention to it, especially if I move it more into the sun.

Then hopefully it will look like this: (click on images for flickr sources).

Fred the blueberry plant by bendystraw.
Blueberry by itwuzcryptic.
wild blueberries! by lilfishstudios.


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