I’ve seen a few blogs lately, like life on the balcony and curlby in which posts have been written about their seed organisers , so I thought I would share mine.

I organise my seeds into envelopes which say the vegetable name, and months of the year they can be planted on it. I also write down any special instructions, and the varieties inside, however since most of my seeds are from eBay, the are already identified in their little plastic envelope.

I then catalogue them by month, with next month first. Eg, if I’ve planted some pea seeds for august, and the next time I can plant them in February, then the envelope will get filed under Feb.

This system comes in handy when you are ready to do your planting each month. Instead of going through each packet and looking to see if it’s the correct time of year or not, I just grab all the packets listed under august and start planting away.
Obviously this becomes more tedious when you buy new seeds and want to put them with their appropriate envelope, however I’m happy to deal with that for ease of use.

I also have an ugly broken pink shoe box which houses all the empty packets, empty plastic zip lock bags and larger seeds (corn, broadbeans), however ihave been on the look out for something to put them in.

Maybe it’s a nice excuse for a new pair of heels 🙂