We have a load of stairs to walk up from the car. It means we have a great view – but makes bringing up the shopping a tiring process.

One thing that always weighs a heap is of course drinks. So our soda stream is a blessing.

I have heard the word ‘pre-cycling’ around, where instead of recycling bottles for example, you create your own drinks, and therefore don’t need to buy a plastic bottle in the first place.

Our soda-stream is exactly that. I drink a lot of soda water, and its now a very simple process to get it at my fingertips.

We pour filtered water into the soda stream bottle, then screw it into the soda stream. You press the button three times, and voila! bubbly water. If you want to flavour it there are many different syrups that you add after this. I like the creaming soda (that is green), and the x-stream, which is like red bull, but without the price tag.

So if you are looking for a simple way to be self sufficient, and save money, i’d recommend trying a soda stream.