Last week I went to my favourite nursery, Hargraves, as they were having a sale of 50% off all bare root fruit trees.

I ended up with an almond, nectarine, apple, raspberry and youngberry. (I also bought an apricot from Bunnings).

Scarecrow’s garden is a new discovery I made, which not only has a great breakdown on companion plants, but also a step by step guide on how to plant bare root trees. Gardening Australia also had a recent episode on bare root trees as well.

Dan planted the almond, nectarine and apricot in one section, and fenced them off from the chickens. Now I have a chicken-free zone, I wanted to find out what the best companion plants were.

Scarecrow has very detailed suggestions and Figtree has a useful chart on companion plants as well.

Apple trees: Wallflowers, Yarrow, Calendulas, Roman Wormwood and Chives and Nasturtiums in summer. (however my apple will be surrounded by other crops, as it is is not fenced off with the other fruit trees). Don’t like potatoes.

Nectarines: Southernwood, Yarrow, Mustard, Spinach with Tansy, Garlic and Chives, Nasturtiums, Lemon Balm and Marigolds

Apricots: like Southernwood with Basil and Tansy but not tomatoes or potatoes.

Raspberry: like Tansy, Marigolds and Rue (but I don’t like Rue so I don’t grow it near them) but not Potatoes.

Citrus Trees: have Guava (Strawberry) and Lavender planted nearby (I also have a blood orange, lime, lemon and a kaffir lime.