omg, i don’t know why i havn’t tried it this way before…

have you seen v for vendetta?

in it, v makes evey eggs in a basket – this is my take on it…

  1. cut a round hole in your bread
  2. melt some good butter in a pan
  3. place your bread in the pan, then break eggs into the holes
  4. i placed a little bit of milk on the bread (mostly cos i was making coffee at the same time)
  5. fry until you are happy

SO GOOD!!! The yolks stay runny, and they drip down onto the other piece of toast/your plate, and you still have a little piece of eggy bread left to wipe up the wonderful runny yolk goodness. I’m sorry i’d have pictures of the actual thing.. but it was too yummy.. enjoy your weekend!