Dan and I have always talked about turning the little area at the side of the house with the washing line into a Japanese style Garden. However now it will have to serve dual purposes, as we are thinking of keeping the chickens there when we get a puppy, (of course the chickens will be let out when we are home, but I just don’t want them to be left alone together).

Because it is where we hang out the washing, I think I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to grow fragrant flowers there too.

Therefore I think this area is going to be quite a pastiche of different things. But this is how i’m looking at it:

If I was living in a city in Japan, it is more that likely that I would be very lucky to have that small area of space to have a garden. Therefore I want to make that area into a modern Japanese backyard, (or at least my interpretation of one). I’m not really sure how it is going to work out, or even lay out, but thats my idea.


Japanese Courtyards

Burke’s Backyard

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Flickr Inspiration:

Courtyard Spring by yuan2003.
Courtyard by liquidarts.
Ryokan's garden by Suviko.
Ryokan Garden Path by SW6_Mark.