I was watching guerrilla gardeners on channel ten, and they suggested a great plant that we would like to find to put in our native garden – the climbing boobiella. We have a slope which we have planted natives on, but we need a climber to run around it.



Poverty Bushes

This family consists of trees and shrubs with woody stems that are prostrate or upright. The species are normally found in low rainfall areas.


This family of plants is mainly in Australia with other species found in southwest Pacific East region.

Diagnostic Features

The simple leaves are arranged spirally, alternately and rarely opposite with stipules absent. The leaves may be glabrous or covered in simple or complex glandular hairs or scales.

The flowers are bisexual and occur in solitary or in groups of 2 to 9 occurring in the leaf axils. There are 5 sepals that may be fused at the base and the tubular-shaped corolla has 4 rarely 5 to 6 petals that are spreading and variable. The flowers may also be zygomorphic with the petals fused as in Eremophila species.