Hargraves is a nursery about twenty minutes drive from our house, which is very dangerous! Yesterday we went there to get plants for the front garden, which is mostly natives.

We ended up walking out with A LOT of plants, mostly because of this:

We bought a lot of natives – even a grass tree (albeit a SMALL one, the fully grown ones were going for $500). It actually came with a number from the National Parks and Wildlife Service, so we knew they weren’t stolen from the bush. We also purchased a waratah (again, a small one), and other natives.

But the real find came when we were (dangerously) looking at the fruit trees. I’m bad, I wanted a mango, an avocado, a ‘cocktail pear’, but go so freaking excited when Dan found:

A finger lime!


Finger limes are refered to as ‘citrus caviar’. They are an Aussie native, and I’ve been trying to find one ever since I discovered them. Dan is a chef, and wanted to put some on his current menu, however couldn’t, as he was told all the stock had gone overseas. Obviously someone else is distributing them, as apparently they have been appearing in selected supermarkets and fruit markets recently. I’ve never tried one before, but am so excited about this plant!

We are now trully citrused up, for we have:

a kaffir lime

a lime tree

a blood orange tree

a manderin tree

a lemon tree (also purchased yesterday)

and of course the finger lime.