Crop Rotation @ Fennel and Fern

I just love the way this plan is drawn:


Eat what you sew @ modish

Guest blogger Renee Garner opened my eyes to the world of selling seeds on etsy. No I just need someone to sell seeds in Australia… But if you are luck and in the US, these are her recommendations:


Oceanic Wilderness Designs, your one stop heirloom tomato shop.

My Victory Garden’s shop for a whole assortment of colorfully nutritious (and delicious) vegetable seeds!

Sage Thymes has quite possibly the biggest collection of soybeans I’ve ever seen.

Smoky Mist Gardens has quite a selection of squash, gourds and flowers (including a really interesting selection of  brugmansias.) is stocked up on a variety of eggplants and peppers.

As an honorary mention, this Teddy Bear Sunflower from fluffnflowers is just too pretty to ignore.