I can’t resist posting these photos from domino magazine online.

  • eggplant Small purple-striped or pure white varieties both have lilac blooms.
  • tomatillo This relative of the Mexican tomato produces husks like little paper lanterns.
  • swiss chard The ‘Bright Lights’ variety yields neon-colored stalks in yellow, hot pink and red.
  • lemon cucumber A decorative, pale-yellow cuke with a sweet mild flavor.
  • okra Fuzzy, little pods follow large flowers that resemble hibiscus.
  • currant tomatoes Prolific fruits look like clusters of vibrant ½” beads.

• pale-green lettuce and dark Italian kale

I still have lots of pots from when we were living in an apartment. I should grow stuff in pots for my lunch, so i won’t need to go trampling through the veggie patch.